Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have an infected tonsil, which led me to search online about them. I've had what some call "tonsil stones" for years, but they are worse now that the left tonsil is infected.
There are some really disturbing videos online of people having tonsil stones removed. I've been able to pop mine out for years now, though I don't really think that it is probably good to do so. If I know there is one there I just get the urge to get rid of it.
Blech! If you like gross videos just do a google search for tonsil stone removal. :(


  1. I saw some Google images and GROSS! I don't think I could stomach dealing with those things. Who knew that such grotesque fossils were forming in a person's mouth? Not I. And some of them were huge. Blech.

  2. Yeah, they are nasty. I went to the doctor today to make sure I don't have strep. It is either that or my allergies that caused my tonsils to become infected. :( I think it isn't strep because the girls just went to the doctor and they didn't have it. We usually spread around whatever we have. Grrr...