Monday, September 14, 2009

Neti pot

The last few years I've been having increasing problems with developing sinus infections and having allergy issues. A little over a week ago I caught a flu from my daughters, and it subsequently led to a sinus infection and bronchitis.
I'm sick of getting sinus infections, so I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to cut down on getting them. Other than taking a decongestant to help keep my sinuses clear, she said that I could try using a neti pot everyday. I had actually thought about trying one before, but I never got around to it.
A neti pot looks like a little tea pot. You put the spout into one nostil, turn your head sideways and slightly forward (while leaning over a sink), and allow the water/saline solution to go up into your sinus cavity and come out your other nostril.
Anyway, she gave me one, and I tried it when I got home. I can't say that it feels good while using it, but it does make me feel better after I'm done. It kind of feels like you are drowning, which I have a huge phobia of. (that's right, I ended my sentence with a preposition!)
My daughters think it is hilarious to see the water pouring out of my nose. Celest watched me the second time I ever did it and cracked up; since she was laughing I started laughing and almost choked because the water went down my throat.
Tonight I had something different happen after I used the neti pot. I did the rinse as usual, then gave the girls a shower and put them in bed. I was leaning over my bed to help Lotus wash her face (we recently started using an anti-blemish/pimple cleaner because the girls are starting to get black heads on their noses- aaahhhh!). I felt something start pouring out of my nose; I thought I had a nose bleed because that's what it felt like. It was water from the neti pot. When I used it tonight it kind of made my head hurt like I had a sinus headache, and I thought maybe the water I used was too warm or something. I think maybe my left sinus is swollen and was able to keep a little bit of water trapped in there. Yucky! Anyway, my headache eased up after the water came out. It's just kind of crazy that it was up there for about 30-40 minutes after I used the neti pot.

For those who aren't squeamish about the human nose, here is a crazy video I found on youtube. It made my nose hurt! The guy in the video is crazy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I haven't had the energy to find more bizarre words (and none have willingly crossed my path), so I thought I'd list a pet peeve list for misused words. I know everyone screws up now and then, but certain mistakes just drive me crazy!

Loose vs. lose

You don't "loose" weight. You may "lose" weight, but not "loose" it.

Ideal vs. idea

You may have an "ideal" for many things, but it's not the same as when you have an "idea".

Then vs. than

You might do one thing, "then" another. Or maybe you'd prefer to do one thing "than" another. Then is for showing sequence or time of something, and than is generally used for comparing or relating things.