Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Pooping Ugly

I found a doodle Celest had drawn on the back of an envelope I'd left on the counter the other day. On one side was a guy and his dog putting gasoline and oil in a can. On the other were a few guys just kind of standing around and one odd looking guy.

The odd guy was craning his head around to look at his butt (which was nude- no clothes on his big ol' bubble butt). It seems he was looking at his butt because he was pooping. I asked her what he was and what he was doing. She said matter of factly that he was an "ugly" and he was peeing and pooping.

It is by far the most graphic poop picture I've ever seen her draw. Usually the pooping person or animal isn't naked (to be fair, he was wearing clothes; he just had his uncovered butt facing the viewer).

I thought it was pretty funny but decided not to add it to the collection of pics I'm keeping. Maybe I should though. It's pretty hilarious to look at...

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