Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Love on Yahoo. lol

I recently had an article published on Yahoo's OMG site (for those of you who don't know, or who are too self-respecting to read such things, it's a celebrity gossip site). I just looked at it to see the comments.

Evidently, according to several comments, I don't know how to write. Or, according to the more charitable comments, maybe I'm a teenager or new to writing.

Another writer might give me the benefit of the doubt and think, "Hey, I bet she doesn't do her absolute best writing all of the time, especially for articles she's making minimum wage for." But that would be really charitable. : )

I got slammed the most for not including Gia, which I did watch, but I didn't write about. Naughty me.

I always try to be positive about criticism of my work, but there wasn't much constructive criticism to take away from this one. : )

I do admit that it isn't my finest work; to give myself some slack, I admit I don't/can't give 100% to all of my writing assignments. If I did I'd probably make about $100 a month, due to the time it would take to contribute to fully outline, write, revise, and so forth on every assignment. Plus, I might not ever turn in things if I analyze them for too long. I have a bit of a melodramatic artist in me (Alas, this still isn't good enough! Woe is me!).

Ah well. : ) If nothing else I did get a few chuckles from some of the comments.

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