Friday, July 10, 2009

Word of the Day!

I've been thinking about funny words (probably because I just wrote a keyword article that required a third of the article to synonyms for article "spinning"). I will, as long as my attention span and memory cooperate, post funny or weird words or phrases every so often. I'll start with some winners I found while consulting my thesaurus for that article:
  • fille de joie- If you remember from basic French lessons, "fille" is a young woman or lady and "joie" is joy. So what exactly is a young woman of joy? A prostitute of course! (They're always so happy and well adjusted, after all...)
  • filius nullius- a bastard
  • fillius populi- a bastard
  • whoreson- Yes, you guessed it, a bastard! (and if you need some more zingers for shaming someone because of their parents' lack of matrimony, here you go- catch colt, woods colt, chance-child, come-by-chance, and mamzer)

That's it for now. If I don't stop looking at the thesaurus I'll never get more writing done. Since I have about $3 to my name (not counting debt- that puts me way in the red- don't tell student loans about my $3!), I need to get to work.

I tried to find a clip of the student loans people taking Howard Moon away for not paying, but I couldn't find one. It is at the end of the Eels episode of The Mighty Boosh.


  1. As a mother to a child born out of wedlock, I am always on the look out for new insults targeted towards illegitimate kids. Thank you, this article has given me new ammunition!

    Hahahahaha! My favorite is whoreson.

  2. A pretty famous Virginia politician around the time of the Civil War took to calling West Virginia (both during and after the war) "the bastard child of a political rape."

    I embrace my bastardy, but never partake in acts of bastardry.

    Thanks for visiting. BTW, if you didn't notice my blog on Sunday, there's a $12 Unknown Hinson show in Huntington I'm trying to get bloggers to come out for to meet each other.

    Those student loan people became land sharks after GWB took office. They called me one day and said, "I see you have enough room on your credit card to pay off your student loan today...would you like to pay it today or shall we start proceedings." We had to get a quick loan to pay them off so that we weren't paying them off at credit card interest rates! Now there are some bastards for ya!