Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dark Hater and other stuff...

I've been listening to a funny podcast called the Dark Hater Show. (I don't care for his use of the word retard though...) Here's a link :

I've been taking another antidepressant, and it seems to make me yawn all day long. It's odd because I actually have a little difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep since I've been on this medicine. Odd.

One of my dogs, Brogan, tore his ACL. We're hoping that it'll heal on its own and not require surgery. So he's on strict rest, which he doesn't like. I think Midnight, our other dog, likes it even less than he does. She always wants to play fight with him. We think that might have been how it tore. They went out yesterday morning and were both fine. When they came back in he was limping. He limping all the way until this morning so we took him to the vet and got the news. If he does need surgery it'll cost $1200. Ow! The pet insurance will probably reimburse at least half of that, but that'll still be a $600 surgery. All of our dogs have been expensive...

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