Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dead Like Me

I remember first reading about the series, Dead Like Me, a few years ago in a magazine. The writer was complaining that good TV shows, including Dead Like Me, are constantly getting axed early on while crappy shows seem to stay on the air much longer than necessary.
I've been trolling Hulu for programs to watch (actually, mainly to listen to while I work or go to sleep- I like sound while I'm falling asleep), and I found Dead Like Me.
In the past few days I've watched/listened to every episode and the movie. The movie was made a few years after the show was cancelled. It wasn't nearly as good as the series, in my opinion.
Anyway, George (nickname for Georgia) is an eighteen year old girl who is killed when the toilet seat from the Russian Mir space station blasts through the atmosphere and collides with her. It sounds ridiculous, but it is an apt mood setter for the series. It is filled with dark humor and drama.
Like the writer I mentioned before, I am surprised that the series wasn't picked up for a third season. Then again, I don't "get" a lot of mainstream, popular TV shows, so maybe I'm not a good judge of what's going to get good ratings. Still, it was a shame to watch the final episode knowing that there wasn't going to be another to watch after it. The movie was okay, but it didn't really offer an ending that felt like it resolved anything. George is still out there reaping souls, but nobody gets to watch her do it...

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