Friday, June 25, 2010

"Has from liver transplant surgery..."

I'm glad that Gregg Allman is recovering from his surgery, but this particular headline is missing a critical word: "Gregg Allman has from liver transplant surgery". I'm thinking they meant "has recovered from liver transplant surgery". Or something along those lines. Just thought it was kind of funny.
Also, he spells his name the same way Old Gregg does.


  1. I'm Old Gregg! I think he also likes to drink Bailey's from a shoe, just like Old Gregg.

  2. That would explain the liver transplant. I've been wanting to drink a Jack & Coke really bad for the last couple of weeks. I can't drink alcohol because of the anti-inflammatory I'm on. I'm not really supposed to drink it because of the two antidepressants I take, but occasionally I will sneak a drink. No drink is worth risking stomach and intestinal bleeding (which can lead to death--though the package insert says this is rare). I'll stick with water and diet Mountain Dew for now...