Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why All the Hate for Kate?

I can't say that I'm a big Kate Hudson fan, as the last movie I recall seeing her in was Fool's Gold (which was pretty bad).

On a related note, I love Muse and Matt Bellamy's skills. However, since he and Kate Hudson started dating I've seen tons of hateful comments about Kate. I don't know if they existed before, and I just didn't know about them, or if they really hit full swing since they started dating.

I think lots of the comment are from young women who are really into Matt Bellamy. I don't know if they are just jealous of his affection for Kate or if they just hate her for whatever reason. Still, the raw hatred for her is a bit surprising to me. She doesn't seem like that polarizing of a figure to me, I guess.

Here is a pic of the happy parents-to-be (though Kate is already a mom, this will be Bellamy's first child):

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