Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy 65th Birthday, Freddie Mercury!

Today would've been Freddie's 65th birthday. I wonder what sort of awesome music he'd be making if he were still here.

I saw some really dumb responses to a post on Facebook about what artist alive today is most like Freddie. Before I even read the posts I knew some dumbasses would write "Lady Gaga". Just because she derived her name from "Radio Gaga" because she and her boyfriend/manager at the time fancied her to be vocally like Freddie does not mean she is anything like him.

Her style isn't like his. Sure, he wore some weird ass outfits and costumes, but he did it as an artist. If he was walking through an airport or shopping he wasn't baring his hairy chest and crown, with the British flag draped about his shoulders. He often wore sweats or jeans and a T-shirt. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, dresses to attract attention both on and off the stage.

Freddie, by accounts from those who knew him best, was an intensely private person. Gaga, not so much.

She writes songs to court controversy in the name of bringing awareness to inequality and bigotry.

Freddie left his sexuality ambiguous for a while before he publicly started frequenting gay night clubs in the late 70's/early 80's.

Oh, and his vocal range totally beats Lady Gaga's hands down.

From a subjective perspective, I feel that he is far superior to her lyrically. He had serious lyrics and silly, playful lyrics as well.

Lady Gaga, in my opinion, goes for pop-safe, catchy beats and dance backdrops to ensure radio play and popularity. Lyrics aren't her strong suit, in my opinion. And yes, Freddie is my favorite singer and artist of all time, so anyone I compare to him will not best him in my mind. However, some artists can hold their own against him based on skill. Lady Gaga sure as hell isn't one of them. (And who the hell thought to post Kesha as the artist most like Freddie?! I'm hoping it was someone under the age of 14!)

Anyway, love him or not, happy birthday Freddie!

I'll repost my favorite motivational-style poster pic of him, simply because it's awesome.

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