Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Been a While... Freddie Mercury Day # 26!

Depression and life have a way of interrupting my blog homage to Freddie Mercury's awesomeness. What else is new?

Including this post, I have four more Freddie posts to do. I'll try to find some good stuff. Obscure stuff. ;)

In the mean time, this is a pic of my Freddie Mercury costume prototype. I was waiting to receive my Flash shirt still. I have it now, and I will be getting a better mustache. Then my poor man's (well, woman's) Freddie costume will be complete. I will be wearing it to do a Halloween CrossFit workout at CrossFit Reynoldsburg this coming Saturday. Yay!

Who would've imagined Freddie and Charles Manson partying together? Not I.

What lady doesn't love Freddie? A dumb one, I tell you!

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