Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wire in the Blood

Like I said before, I've been going through lots of Hulu videos in my never-ending quest to vanquish quietness. Here is another series that I've watched/listened to all of the episodes for.

Wire in the Blood is based on the awesome books by Val McDermid. I'd listened to at least one audio book featuring the characters in this series and I loved it. When I was sifting through the large selection of videos on Hulu, for some reason I clicked on this one. When I saw the name Tony Hill, I knew it was familiar, but I couldn't quite remember where I knew it from. Then I read the words "clinical psychologist" and remembered. I thought, "Hell, this has to be based on that book I listened to or someone is a horrible plagiarizer!" Luckily, it was the former.

Anyway, I really enjoyed all six seasons of the show. I was really disappointed when I read that it had been cancelled. I guess it was judged to be too expensive to make; the production cost per episode was up to 750,000 pounds sometimes (around $1,121,484). I think that Two and a Half Men probably costs at least that much per episode and it has a much smaller cast, less travel, and, in my opinion, much less entertainment value.  To each his or her own.

I don't have the money for the DVD sets, but they look pretty awesome. (shameless Amazon ad plug alert!):
Wire in the Blood DVDs

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