Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greek Lipstick

I'm sure it's just an odd coincindence, but I thought I'd share it.

I sell makeup and things on eBay for extra money (hmm, well, I've bought so much at this point that I'm not at a point of profit yet, but hopefully the holiday season will fix that!). Anyway, a few weeks ago I sold some Jane lipstick to someone in Greece. Within a week or so I got another buyer asking if I mail to Greece, regarding the same product. The very next day after that I had another buyer ask me about the very same lipstick and how much it would cost to ship to Greece.

I just thought it was a bit odd. By the way, I ship lipstick to anywhere, as long as the buyer is willing to pay a little extra for shipping costs. : )


  1. That IS odd. Maybe that is a popular color there right now?

  2. The plot thickens: today I got yet another question about shipping the exact same lipstick to Greece. It is odd, I tell you.