Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pedophile's Guide Dropped by Amazon

I guess Amazon either got sick of people complaining or decided that this book didn't abide by their terms of service.
Here is an article about the removal of the title.

It is interesting to note how quickly Amazon responded. I don't think anti-censorship groups need to worry too much. I don't think this is likely to get classic literature like Lolita or other "objectionable" books taken off the shelves. It may make companies like Amazon more likely to vet new titles with questionable topics a little more closely. Especially self-published books, since they don't have a publishing house with a legal team behind them. Also, truly objectionable or legally ambiguous books generally won't get picked up by a publishing house, since the publisher weighs the risks and benefits of public backlash and legal ramifications more thoroughly than an individual does.

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