Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 11 of Mercury-Goodness

I have to say that I am happier during the times I'm posting about Freddie Mercury, so I suppose this is achieving the goal I set out for.

For today, we'll look at Freddie for a Day. I'm totally going to do this one of these days, hopefully this September when the MPT and FFAD are having a contest for the best costume and most original photo location. I need to get my outfit together though.

Anyway, it's a pretty fun concept. People get sponsors to pay them to dress as Freddie Mercury for a day. The money goes to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which was founded to fund AIDS charities and research.

For your amusement though, I did take a few pics of myself with an eyeliner mustache and a white muscle t-shirt. I need a "real" fake mustache if I decide to go with a mustache Freddie. I haven't decided yet. There are just so many awesome Freddie looks to choose from!Feel free to crack up at how silly I look. This is not a proper Freddie attempt. I was bored back in February of this year, and I played around with my Freddie look.

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