Monday, July 4, 2011


I think part of my problem as a writer of fiction is the fact that I don't usually sit down with the intent of writing a large passage. I tend to think and write in phrases, snippets (of both dialogue and exposition), and small scenes.

These pieces don't usually belong to any particular story that I'm working on. They just sort of pop in my head unbidden. Sometimes they are entirely random, it seems. Other times they are related to problems that have been on my mind at the time.

Today, for instance, I had this little snippet of dialogue pop into my head, "When you said you loved me, I should have run the other way...".

Generally scenes involving the "I love you" phrase in dialogue are romantically inclined or are heartfelt exchanges between family or friends. In this instance, the character is probably ruing the day she didn't heed the warning bells in her head when she heard this phrase from someone. Perhaps someone she had misgivings about or someone for whom the phrase "I love you" seemed out of character.

Maybe I can work it into a conversation in a story at some point. If not, it joins a large arsenal of snippets of writing I have yet to incorporate into projects.

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