Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freddie Day 20: Shout Out to Another Freddie Blogger

I found a blog post with the title: "I'm in Love with My Car: My Masculine Relationship With Freddie Mercury". Never mind that that song was written by Roger Taylor; cars play a role in the post. Still, with a title like that I had to read on. According to the site it was published back in 1999. 

Here is a link to the blog. 

And here is an excerpt: 

Guess what was proudly taped on the inside of the toughest kid's locker? You got it: a centerfold poster from Circus of Freddie Mercury in a silver lame, spandex leotard, cut down to his pubic hair in the front and ass in the back, with the piece de resistance, a pair of pink ballet slippers.

Now, today, a kid in the same circumstances as the toughest kid (working class, willfully unintelligent, abusive, infamous bully) wouldn't dream of hanging something like that in a public place. But in the 70's? Honestly, he didn't know any better, and neither did I, nor did a lot of people. Freddie seemed a bit effeminate? That he did. And he kicked ass on songs like "Now I'm' Here" or "Death on Two Legs."

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