Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Three of Mercurial Awesomeness!

Okay, this is a post in Uncyclopedia about Freddie Mercury. It is pretty dang funny.

Uncyclopedia: Freddie Mercury

And you'd better damn well click it. But, in case you are too lazy to, here is an excerpt:

"Freddie Mercury or His Holy Greatness (Killer) Queen Frederick of Mercury and the Entire Universe of Everything Awesome (incarnated September 5, 1946), singer, front man, author, opera diva, boxing champion, bullfighter, taxidermist, bike racer, ballet dancer, and eventual deity, is best remembered today for his many international hits and for conquering the world. It is said that Freddie Mercury's voice can stop Humphrey Bogart in his tracks, and he is accepted as the greatest singer of all time, despite what those biased, hypocritical assholes at Rolling Stone wrote about him..."

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