Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did you know the spirits use computers?

As evidenced by (drum roll please!): online ouija boards. Not only can spirits be bothered to move an actual planchette in the physical realm, but they can also use a mouse to move a virtual planchette on a virtual ouija board. Spirits can be a wily sort though. I'm thinking they don't have much free time, what with all the hauntings, seance appearances, and ouija summonings they have to deal with. Doesn't make me envy them at all.

Click here to see the site with the virtual ouija board that I tried out a while back.

Good luck getting any kind of useful knowledge. My spirit(s) couldn't decide whether I was a friend or enemy; whether he/she/it was male or female; and whether or not I was worth even talking to at all.

And before you go sashaying out into the world of virtual spirit communication without a care, take a look at this etiquette page. (I broke a couple of no-nos right off the bat; for instance, never ask the spirits when you are going to die!. By the way, if I happen to die in the spring of any given year, the ouija spirit was right. Of course he/she has a 25% chance of being right on any year!)

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